A foursome of  «  Thézannais originally from elsewhere  » got together to form a group of adoptive  AUDOIS ‘ and form an association as defined by a law of 1901.

The end result is the 
E.N.A.  ( Entraide des Nouveaux Audois ) or ( Mutual  Aid to the New Arrivals in Aude ) .

The aim of this association is to  “ greet, help to integrate and bring close together the new residents of Aude by festive , cultural and sportive activities, fun and games, general events, organisation of shows and entertainment. “

It will also “  bring help, assistance and counsel, for administrative and legal formalities to the new residents of AUDE who expected a certain life style and who wish to find it in this area of France.”




After seeing the aims set by this new association one can understand that the founders want to create  fraternal and helpful environment for those who have arrived in AUDE from somewhere else and who want to have or to give a helping and friendly hand, who wish to meet new friends, participate or create social and cultural activities.


Actually,  English, Portuguese, German and  Spanish are spoken by members and can  be of great help to many.


The administrators are

 President :  Marc Jadouin

Secretary :  Nicole Chamberland

Treasurer : Maryline Allegro

Management Counseler  :  Florence Simao

Legal Advisor : Marcel Marescaux


The association wishes to greet all new arrivals in Aude.

Admission fee is 15 € per couple per annum.


During February, a calendar will be established to reunite those who are interested, whether French , European, or from Elsewhere.


Phones :  President  33 (0)4 68 43 33 02

                Secretary   33 (0)4 68 43 33 89


e-mail   ena-aude@wanadoo.fr


Iternet   www.ena-aude.fr.vu



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